The Next Generation of Leaders

With a strong focus on professional growth and continuous learning, we are committed to developing the next generation of leaders for our company. The global nature of our work across multiple regions and brands, functions and channels provides fertile ground for mobility and career growth. Our inclusive culture embraces diversity of thought and empowers individuals to think as entrepreneurs.

The Best Minds, Building World-Class Brands

Our heritage remains one of our greatest assets. Knowing who we are as a business — focused on long-term growth and able to successfully navigate shifting winds — and knowing where we came from provides us with a solid foundation to strategically adapt and grow.


The complexities and sophistication of our global business require the expertise and skills of a broad range of disciplines. We continue to thrive because of our strong strategy, our deep business acumen and our diverse mix of creative, curious and innovative people. The best minds building world-class brands while fueling their passion for beauty

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