We’ve all experienced skin drying out in the winter, but why does this change happen? And what can you do to make sure your skin stays moisturized and comfortable during the colder months?

When the temperature drops, the humidity in the air does too, and your skin loses water more quickly than usual: this leaves it dry and tight and sometimes even looking flaky. Also, windy weather can irritate skin and leave it feeling tender and chapped. Retreating indoors doesn’t necessarily help either, with heating systems blasting us with hot, dry air all day and night, drying skin even more.

Don’t despair: there’s a way to keep your skin healthy even when it feels like the world’s conspiring to dry you right out. Follow these four tips to stay soft, supple and moisturized through the winter months.

1. Take short, lukewarm showers and baths

Top tip: Hot showers and baths feel amazing, especially if you’ve just come in from the cold, but they can strip your skin of its natural oils and dry you out. To prevent uncomfortable dry skin after you’ve washed up, take shorter showers or baths in lukewarm water

Products to use: If lukewarm water still leaves you feeling dry, infuse your bathwater with moisturizing oils and butters so your skin’s not as parched after. Stock up on /...................... 

2. Lock in moisture

Top tip: Once you step out of the shower or bath, towel off gently and massage a rich lotion all over to lock in hydration.

Products to use: During these cold, dry months, a lotion with lots of glycerin is your best bet to keep skin soft and supple.

3. Scrub your way to softness

Top tip: Your skin can absorb lotions more efficiently once you’ve gently scrubbed to remove dry skin. Aim to exfoliate about once a week, as scrubbing too often may irritate the skin and make it more prone to dry, flaky patches.

Products to use: Especially in the winter, we recommend using a scrub that will replenish lost moisture while buffing the skin. ..................../ simply rub it on your rough bits before rinsing off and patting yourself dry for smooth, soft skin.

4. Change up your facial skincare

Top tip: The skin on your face isn’t immune to seasonal changes, so when the weather shifts, consider switching to more hydrating cleansers and richer moisturizers.

Products to use: Facial soaps and foaming cleansers are great for making your skin feel squeaky clean,

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