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Our pioneering spirit and commitment to sourcing the purest essential oils have defined us from the beginning. Recognising their power, the founding sisters dedicated their lives to educating Australian Women on how to transform their health and wellbeing naturally. With their passion and knowledge, the forerunners went on to achieve Australian industry recognition for the medicinal use of pure essential oils.

Today we are industry leaders with over 30 years’ experience in sourcing and blending Mother Nature’s most powerful pure essential oils. We are dedicated to delivering holistic health and wellbeing solutions through the power of pure essential oils backed by science.

At In Essence, we respect all of nature’s plant and animal species. This means we do not test on animals and all of our products are 100% cruelty free

Direct from the source

At In Essence, we believe only the finest will do when it comes to your health and wellbeing. We scour the world for the highest quality pure essential oils for medicinal use. We source directly from a worldwide network of farmers and producers committed to supplying authentic, unadulterated and uncompromised essential oils

Whilst our oils come from the optimal growing regions around the world, In Essence is proudly Australian manufactured and owned. All our essential oils are bottled and packaged right here in Victoria, Australia according to Australian industry standards

Quality Assured

When it comes to essential oils, quality is paramount. Their therapeutic effectiveness and ability to impact health and wellbeing is directly dependant on the quality and purity of essential oils used. At In Essence we source the finest, pure essential oils for medicinal use, so you can be sure you’re using the best for your health and wellbeing

We believe nothing is more important than your health, which is why we follow Australian industry regulations. Every batch of essential oil is tested and undergoes a stringent Quality Assurance program to ensure its purity and therapeutic quality.

All our products are free from anything that’s not good for you including parabens and pesticides.


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Potent combinations of 100% pure essential oils, expertly blended to promote emotional and physical wellbeing and to provide symptomatic relief of general health concerns

Our Aromatherapy Expert

We are dedicated to providing professional advice and information on our products in line with complementary medicine industry regulations.

Our in house aromatherapy specialist, Pat Princi Jones has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and has worked as the Head of Training and Education at In Essence for 20 years. She is an associate member of IAAMA (International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association). See Pat’s quick tips below…

Pat Princi-Jones

UNSW Sydney: BA English History, Diploma in Education. Certificate IV in workplace Training. Aromatherapy 1, ACNM. Awarded Associate Membership IAAMA 2015

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