“Promoting Australian Entrepreneurial Spirit through brands.”

Constantine Gendis

CEO / Managing Director

I'm proud to be the Managing Director of Heritage Brands supporting entrepreneurial talent and partnering with global and domestic partners to assist consumers in their search for beauty and wellbeing

Heritage Brands is at the forefront of ethical, transparent and sustainable brands that is selling the best of Australia to the world. Supported by a board, leadership team and the Heritage Brands extended family who believe that honest business is good business.

As a strategic and entrepreneurial Managing Director in the FMCG field, I love what I do. Seeing a product created from infancy until it’s sold out in store is what drives me. This, alongside with nurturing upcoming talent from all levels as well as supporting young Australian entrepreneurs, is essential to a successful work environment and commercial business.


I have an innate ability to lead, to transform businesses into accelerated top and bottom line growth, and strengthen market position and financial health that is sustainable and ethical. This can be leveraged with my breadth of top level relationships with key channel partners and industry bodies.


My career is almost at the 30-year-mark and has a strong focus on strategic development and in-depth knowledge of Global FMCG markets that includes Africa, Asia, Central and Southern Europe, UK, New Zealand and my home Australia.


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