Launched by leading dermatologist, Dr Michael Southwick, Cedel has remained one of Australia’s most trusted and well-established hair care brands since 1932. Beginning with Cedel Soap, a breakthrough treatment for hair and scalp, Cedel has since evolved into a name that echoes throughout every Australian household.

Launched in the 1960s, women of all ages fell in love with Cedel’s iconic Traditional Hairsprays thanks to their unique gentle fragrance, firm hold and amazing brush-out ability.

Proudly Australian owned and made, Cedel continues to develop innovative, high quality hair and oral care products that people love and use every day.

The Cedel range has continued to evolve with the introduction of the Cedel Retro Dry Shampoo. Set in the iconic Cedel 387ml can, Cedel Retro Dry Shampoo gives even more product to revive dull and lifeless hair in-between washes, making the perfect product to keep up with today’s busy lifestyle.

As an Australian owned and made brand Cedel has a continued commitment to helping enrich the lives of fellow Australians, to help achieve this Cedel is a proud partner of Women’s Cancer Foundation. Through this partnership Cedel supports Women’s Cancer Foundation in their efforts to reduce the mortality of gynaecological cancer, particularly ovarian cancer, through conducting world leading research.


An Australian icon like Cedel is met with an Iconic Australian Ambassador, Ita Buttrose – Australian of the Year 2013. Cedel has been supporting women for over 80 years and is proud to be aligned with such a successful, inspiring, and independent woman. Both Ita’s fun loving personality and aspirational business skills gel perfectly with the core values of the Cedel brand.

“Cedel was actually the first hairspray I recollect buying and using.” Ita says “There was great excitement when it launched because during Australia’s summer months it’s often hot and windy making our hair blow all over the place. When you were coiffed with Cedel, it stayed in place beautifully including those pesky flyaway hairs.”


Proudly Australian owned and made, Cedel remains a firm fixture in Australian bathrooms as it has for more than 80 years

Learn how Cedel Toothpaste is produced


Watch the video to see how Australia's #1 made and owned toothpaste is produced, and get an insight into the stringent quality control and procedures of our production lines.


Launched by leading dermatologist, Dr Michael Southwick, Cedel has remained one of Australia’s most trusted and well-established brands since 1932. With roots in skin & hair care Cedel expanded into oral care in 1970, fast establishing itself as a leading Australian made and owned oral care brand. 


Cedel launches its first oral care product, Fresh Breath Spray. The handy 12mL spray means it can travel anywhere with you! Cedel Fresh Breath Spray instantly cleans and freshens your mouth with a great minty taste.

Expanding on the oral care range, Cedel launches their first toothpaste, Cedel Spearmint toothpaste.
Cedel Spearmint toothpaste contains a special low abrasion soft polish, helping to remove stains and prevent plaque build-up. Cedel Spearmint toothpaste polishes teeth to a dazzling shine every time.

Cedel diversifies their range with the addition of Cedel Mouth Wash. The special germ fighting formula fights plaque and whitens teeth. The product when used in conjunction with Cedel Toothpaste helps improve overall oral health.

Cedel adds an amazing new product to their toothpaste range with the release of the Medicated Toothpaste, now known as Cedel Sensitive Toothpaste. The specially formulated toothpaste helps sensitive teeth suffers enjoy all the food they love pain free.

Cedel also introduces their amazing Whitening toothpaste. The special soft polish formula prevents plaque build-up and removes stains, giving Aussies whiter, brighter smiles.

Cedel continues to expand their toothpaste range, introducing Cedel Propolis toothpaste. Cedel uses the natural acids, flavours and minerals in propolis to create a toothpaste that provides natural oral protection.

Cedel has entrenched itself as the number 1 Australian made and owned toothpaste with Spearmint and Sensitive toothpaste. Cedel toothpaste is ranged in all major retailers in Australia and has developed a strong, loyal customer base.

2016 & Beyond
Stay tuned for exciting developments in the Cedel toothpaste range. In 2016 Cedel aims to introduce three new toothpaste variants to their successful range: Kids, Smokers and Herbal Toothpaste as well as relaunching Cedel’s much loved Propolis Toothpaste.

So keep your eyes out.


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