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All 2XP sunscreens have been created in partnership with Surfing Australia, developed with and made locally by Australia’s leading sunscreen manufacturers to our own stringent specifications and approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Leading athletes tested, and retested, our formulations until we landed on the perfect combination of protection and long lasting performance in fragrance free, paraben free formulas that wont irritate the skin or eyes, or leave a greasy feel on the skin and hands. All of our sunscreens are SPF50+, offering very high broad spectrum protection against both UVA +UVB rays

Protect the whole family

The word grom, short for grommet, is a surf culture slang term that originated in California and is used to describe a young surfer.

Designed specifically for active kids, 2XP Groms Body and Face both offer non greasy, low irritation formula’s that provide 4 hour water resistance and high level protection for sensitive young skin.


For everyday + competition day

SPF protection should be part of your daily regime, just like training and healthy eating. Wearing SPF daily (even on cloudy days or when in the snow) will help fight visible premature skin aging. Up to 80% of fine lines and wrinkles are the result of UV damage. UV also causes skin sagging, blotchiness and roughness.


Effective application

It is important to apply sunscreen liberally to all exposed areas 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after swimming, toweling and excessive sweating. All 2XP sunscreens offer a dry, non greasy finish, so you can comfortably wear them every day and even under make-up



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